Maintenance Manager

Job Description


Position Scope: The Maintenance Manager provides leadership and directs strategy for the maintenance effort in support with plant's strategic and production plans. He/she improves asset utilization, uptime and production throughput by implementing proven reliability improvement processes. He/she also ensures responsive and proactive maintenance support to all plant customers by implementing sound work management processes. He/she is also responsible for department budgeting, professional and technical development of his/her assigned salaried and hourly associates. And, he/she is responsible to seek methods to reduce utilities consumption and protect the environment.


Responsibilities and Duties: In the performance of his/her duties, the Maintenance Manager:


1. Ensures work is performed efficiently through organized planning, optimized material support and coordinated work execution.

2. Ensures the production areas receive prompt, efficient and quality service from the maintenance function and ensures the maintenance function is given the opportunity to provide this service.

3. Utilizes data to analyze equipment failure modes, mean time between failure (MTBF), etc. and suggests/implements improvement processes to reduce or eliminate equipment/process failures (I.E.: PM inspection improvements, predictive maintenance techniques, maintenance employee training, etc.).

4. Provides meaningful management reports to enhance control of maintenance operations.

5. Provides quality maintenance service in support of operational needs.

6. Maintains the work backlog within prescribed limits by providing for forested resource requirements.

7. Creates and adheres to a work order scheduling process.

8. Continually reduce equipment downtime and increase availability through the establishment of a preventive/predictive maintenance program (including failure analysis) designed, directed, monitored and continually improved.

9. Establishes a SOX-compliant storeroom operation that provides repair parts for critical process equipment as well as necessary consumables for the plant.

10. Keeps the operations managers properly informed on all abnormal or critical situations.


Continuous Improvement Process


1. Participates in and supports the Continuous Improvement process.

2. Conducts periodic assessments of the maintenance organization.

3. Facilitates the implementation and continuing efforts of the Continuous Improvement Teams (i.e. Equipment Improvement Team, Preventive Maintenance Optimization team, Equipment Maintenance Plan team, etc.).

4. Champions the Maintenance Excellence program initiatives and strategy.


Employee/Work Management Programs


1. Provides supervision and direction to assigned maintenance personnel. Manages the day-to-day maintenance function within his/her area of responsibility.

2. Assesses the skills and abilities of assigned personnel and develops training opportunities to close the skills gap.

3. Seeks and schedules training courses and/or seminars to close worker skills gaps.

4. Participates in, and supports, the Department safety training program. (I.E.: weekly safety meetings, shop safety inspections, enforcement of lock-out/tag-out program, enforcement of the confined space program, etc.).

5. Conducts accident investigation of all injuries requiring medical attention (or as requested by Plant management).




Measurement of Position Performance


The Maintenance Manager is measured in the performance of his/her duties and execution of assigned responsibilities by:


1. Accomplishment of Plant and Department annual goals and objectives:

a. Production

b. Budget

c. Quality

d. Safety

2. Timely completion of the weekly work order schedule.

3. Improvement in mean time between equipment failures.

4. The improved use of labor and improved plant condition as expressed by a reduction in emergencies, overtime hours worked and in unscheduled labor worked, and reduction of contractor support.


Position Goals


1. To ensure that production areas receive prompt, efficient and quality service from the maintenance function enabling them to operate at a high level of efficiency.

2. To ensure the maintenance function is given the opportunity to provide production with the service it requires.

3. Accurately define and estimate work requests.

4. Properly communicate equipment status to all concerned.

5. To meet the needs of customers, both internally and externally. Our future is in the hands of our customers. We will be courteous, helpful, and responsive to them always. We want our people to be focused on our/their customers (internal and external).




1. Reports to the general manager.

2. Works closely with production supervision.

3. Works closely with maintenance supervisors, planners and craftspersons.

4. Works with storeroom personnel.

5. Maintains good working relationships with other organizational units in the plant.



Requirements, Qualifications and Selection Criteria


1. A four-year degree, technical or engineering fields are highly desirable.

2. Adequate craft knowledge to estimate labor hours and materials and to visualize the job to be performed.

3. Good oral/written communication skills and possession of tact.

4. Good administrative and mathematical skills with willingness to handle paperwork.

5. Have or able to acquire a working knowledge of personal computers in a reasonable training period (typing skills helpful).

6. Good planning and organizational skills.

7. Ability to understand what constitutes good instructions.

8. Able to read blueprints and shop drawings.

9. Sketching ability.

10. Understanding of the proper use of work orders, priorities; scheduling, etc.

11. Ability to keep multiple jobs in control simultaneously.

12. Ability to bring about order from chaos.

13. Orientation and commitment to customer service.

14. Style and capability commanding respect within both maintenance and operating organizations.


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