Sanitation Technician

Under general supervision, cleans assigned areas of the facility, including Production Area, laboratory, and administrative offices; and performs minor building maintenance and repairs; and performs related duties as required.
Sweeps, scrubs, and mops floors; strips, waxes, buffs, and seals floors using heavy floor care machines; and vacuums, spot cleans, and shampoos carpets.
Cleans walls, windows, doors, vents, lights, sinks, sink handles, counter tops, conference room/cafeteria tables, exterior grounds, refrigerator (interior and exterior), chairs, mirrors, pictures, blinds, eyewash stations, bookcases, computer screens, water fountains; washes, dusts, and polishes furniture, woodwork, shelves, and metal work (e.g. racks, safety posts); cleans toilets, partitions, dividers that separate toilet stalls, locker room floors, rest rooms and replenishes rest room supplies (e.g. toilet paper, paper towel, soap, etc.); squeegees standing puddles of water into drains, and collects and empties waste/recycle receptacles, including those containing bio-hazardous materials (e.g. blood or other bodily fluids, etc.).
Prepares CIP chemicals/solutions for Production.
Dusts reachable pipes in the facility.
Segregate and compact recyclables (cardboard, aluminum, etc.) and trash.
Reports food safety and quality problems to Plant Management and SQFP to initiate action.

Don't Be Fooled

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